Rap duo EARTHGANG, composed of rappers Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus, came through with a six-track EP, Robots, on Oct. 20 which is part two of a trilogy of EP’s. Part one, Rags, which dropped on September 1, was a solid opener and featured a fantastic track, ‘Meditate’, featuring J.I.D.

The pair, newly signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, have been around for awhile but are now really making a name for themselves in the rap world. EARTHGANG has strong ties to J.I.D, a fellow Dreamville-signee, who was/is a part of rap group Spillage Village with Venus, Dot, Hollywood JB and Jordxn Bryant.


Originally based out of Atlanta, GA, EARTHGANG has their own sound with elements of both soul and a classic southern, outlandish style with hints of Outkast as a clear influence in many of their tracks. However, their sound is their own, and it’s becoming much better and particular as their career progresses.

Below is the tracklist along with our reviews of the six-track EP, Robots.


  1. Lyfted Intro
  2. Artificial
  4. Underwater (ft. Sir)
  5. So Many Feelings
  6. Flickted




Fav Tracks: Artificial, ROBOTS, So Many Feelings

To be fair, I’ve only listened to EARTHGANG’s album Strays With Rabies before peeping these collection of EP’s, so I’ll have to go back and check out their older shit. But, I’ve been mostly impressed with what I’ve heard, and appreciate Venus and Doc’s focus and energy to keep pushing and finally get signed to a huge label like Dreamville after all these years.

‘Lyfted Intro’ (just a short intro/skit) came to an end, and right when the piano in ‘Artificial’ starting playing with the beautiful female vocals to kick it off, I knew it was gonna slap. This is the best track on the project and one of my favorite tracks of 2017. Doc on the ridiculously catchy hook followed by Venus beginning the chorus with that “Artificial Ennnnds” is so saucy. The addition of the piano really adds a nice element to this joint, and the two ride this beat so well. Perfect track.

Track three, ‘ROBOTS’, really grew on me. I got strong Smino vibes with this one. On these first two full tracks, Doc and Venus fully display their solid chemistry. The production on this was fantastic as well – the best-produced track on the project.

‘Underwater’, featuring vocalist SiR was somewhat underwhelming, although the verses were soothing and conceptually interesting. Dope bars by Doc though, ‘If you don’t know why you here, then R.I.P won’t mean nothin’.

‘So Many Feelings’  is another dynamic track with great production, although I didn’t love the addition of the chipmunked vocals to open it up. Venus’ verse is my favorite on the project for me with the silky alliteration. The final track, ‘Flickted’, was too long for my liking and just didn’t hold my interest for its five-plus minutes.

EARTHGANG went 3 for 5 in the second installment of their releases, and the two tracks that didn’t keep up with the others were still listenable. The skits at the end of each track were also either funny or entertaining, and the production on this project was really, really strong. If you haven’t, give their first release, Rags, a listen as well, and get ready for their final release later in 2017.


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