ALBUM REVIEW: Future and Young Thug – ‘Super Slimey’

Hip-hop fans and even casual fans of music shouldn’t need much background into rappers Future and Young Thug, two Atlanta-bred emcees with very unique sounds in the rap game, like them or not.

The duo united here on Super Slimey, a 13-track, 40-minute album, which arrives just a few months after releases of their own individual albums. Future came through with 39 tracks over the summer on his albums FUTURE and HNDRXX – which released just one week apart from each other – but they were underwhelming and way too lengthy. Thugga dropped Beautiful Thugger Girls in July, which also wasn’t up to par for his standards and was sonically unpleasing. Offset was the only feature on this album and producer Metro Boomin’ – a usual comrade of this duo – interestingly had no part in this release.

Track Listing

  1. No Cap
  2. Three
  3. All Da Smoke
  4. 200
  5. Cruise Ship
  6. Patek Water (ft. Offset)
  7. Feed Me Dope
  8. Drip On Me
  9. Real Love
  10. 4 Da Gang
  11. Killed Before
  12. Mink Flow
  13. Group Home




Fav Tracks: All Da Smoke, No Cap, Patek Water

I was skeptical heading into this listen because of how forgettable Future and Thug’s previous releases have been. However, off the bat I was thankful for the more trimmed length of this project here – 40 minutes – as too much of Future and Young Thug at once often gets very repetitive and eventually, tiresome.

For the most part, I got what I expected. Mostly snoozers, a few bangers and a few elements that were completely unnecessary.

Future and Thugga went two-for-three to kick things off, hitting on the into track, ‘No Cap’, and track three, ‘All Da Smoke’. Future was at his best on ‘No Cap’ with his energetic verse and nice delivery transition during the 1:20-1:34 mark. The duo showcased some fantastic chemistry on ‘All Da Smoke’, with one of the catchiest choruses on the project and two solid verses. Young Thug also switched up his delivery halfway through his verse that sounded well.

Offset came through with a solid feature on, ‘Patek Water’

After two forgettable tracks, ‘200’ and ‘Cruise Ship’ (although the production on Cruise Ship was nice), Offset joined the set and the trio delivered fire in the booth in, ‘Patek Water’. Yes, the chorus, “what kind of water is that? That’s Patek Water,” was incredibly tame, but it’s catchy and Offset’s flow was a bright spot on the project.

Track seven, ‘Feed Me Dope’, had eerily similar vibes to a What A Time To Be Alive track and only featured Future with Young Thug left out of the mix. There was a missing element that could’ve elevated this track to something better than just okay. Future’s lyricism, albeit with his low standards, was actually periodically impressive and introspective, too, as it was on, ‘4 Da Gang’.

For the most part, the rest of the album was disappointing and didn’t showcase anything memorable. ‘Killed Before’, was entertaining and featured a guitar in the production,  like much of Young Thug’s album Beautiful Thugger Girls, which to their credit meshed well with the trap-influenced beat and Young Thug’s style.

There were some really strange elements to the album as well. We heard Future seemingly completely without autotune on, ‘Group Home’, a static-y Future on, ‘Three’, which sounds like your phone’s speakers are logged with water and made the track strenuous to listen to.

It’d be wise to take a look at this project because there will be at least a couple tracks you can bump at a party or peep when you want something turn-up. But, you can basically just play the first 15 seconds of each track and you’ll know what the beat and sound like will be for the rest of the track. The production was very elementary, which in this case led to lots of boring tracks, and neither Future or Young Thug were consistently impressive, although there were some bright spots.


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