‘Scum Fuck, Flower Boy’ is Not Getting the Recognition it Deserves

Tyler, the Creator’s fourth studio album, Scum Fuck, Flower Boy, provides beautiful sound and production that fans of any genre of music can appreciate, and Tyler isn’t getting enough recognition for that.

The exceptional and layered production makes, ‘Flower Boy’ – released on July 21, 2017 – such a sonically pleasing album from front-to-back. As Tyler tweeted, processing this album in a particular, more private and focused setting will make the experience much more enjoyable. Yet, no matter the setting for the listener, this album sounds undeniably pleasant.

It’s obvious how much time Tyler spent perfecting this piece of work. Not one track seems unfinished, and most tracks have layers on layers of material. Flower Boy is noticeably calculated and strategic in the production and vocals, but there’s still that sense of simplicity which makes it an easy listen for the entire audience, regardless of the listener’s music taste.

Returning to this piece of work four months later, it’s quite clear that Flower Boy will be a timeless album. Even though critics and the public have for the most part spoken very highly of this album, I still think Tyler is being underappreciated for this project. Nothing is repetitive – there’s such a high replay value. Even the two ‘mainstream rap’ tracks with the hardest beats – ‘I Ain’t Got Time and ‘Who Dat Boy?’ – are really unique and the sound evolves so much through the duration of the song that they don’t get boring after numerous listens.

All 12 full-length tracks on the project are at least average, and the album maintains and carries its momentum the whole way through with a slower pace at the end thanks to a couple soft tracks in, ‘Glitter’, and an instrumental-only track to finish, ‘Enjoy Right Now Today’.

Tyler does the best he has ever done on a project in creating a mood and setting for the listener and retaining that theme for the duration of the album. The production and melodies are peaceful, but it’s still nice to get some sounds that catch you off guard like in, ‘I Ain’t Got Time’, ‘Who Dat Boy’, and, ‘Droppin’ Seeds’.

Rex Orange County fits perfectly on his appearances on ‘Foreword’ and ‘Boredom’ – showing Tyler dedication to this project.

He has the perfect amount of guests on the album and utilizes them all very well. A$AP Rocky delivered a great verse on, ‘Who Dat Boy’, Lil Wayne was a really unique addition on, ‘Droppin’ Seeds’, and even lesser-known artists from different genres like Anna of the North and Rex Orange County were great additions.

Some of Tyler’s verses are also straight up hilarious – “Errythang I say is hot, boy I speak toaster, and I bred Orthodox like I eat Kosher),” (I Ain’t Got Time) … “I’ve been in this fucking room for so long my eyeballs turn to drywall,” (Boredom). Even with the more serious and mature approach he brings on the album, Tyler still manages to maintain that sense of carelessness and humor for which he’s become known for, on more tracks than just these two.

My favorite tracks on, Scum Fuck, Flower Boy, are ‘November’, ‘Boredom’, ‘Who Dat Boy’, ‘I Ain’t Got Time’ and ‘911/Mr. Lonely’. The only tracks I don’t regularly return to since the album dropped are ‘Glitter’, ‘Garden Shed’ and ‘Pothole’.

I give this album a 9/10, and I think what makes it especially spectacular is its replay value and overall narrative. I don’t think there’s a rapper in 2017 who was as successful in achieving his intended narrative while maintaining a great sound over the whole album. Tyler did just that on, Scum Fuck, Flower Boy.


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