MIXTAPE REVIEW: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Laugh Now, Fly Later’






Fav Tracks: None

Track Listing

  1. Royal Highness (ft. Casey Veggies)
  2. Letterman
  3. Figure It Out
  4. Plane 4 U
  5. No Dirt
  6. Long Way To Go
  7. Global Access
  8. City of Steel
  9. Weed Farm
  10. Stay Focused

We all know of Wiz as a hit-maker in the early 2010s with his youthful, carefree attitude and rap-style, but the Pittsburgh, PA, emcee hasn’t dropped a good project in several tries and several years.

That trend continues here on his 10-track mixtape, Laugh Now, Fly Later. This project might be the most dull I’ve heard in 2017, and one of the biggest throwaway projects I’ve heard in awhile.

Not a single track on Laugh Now, Fly Later is worth listening to a second time. I actually didn’t grade any of these tracks higher than a 2/10:

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 17.07.27

You know what you’re getting into with Wiz. Bars about getting super high, living life carefree and… more about getting high. Since the substance isn’t there with his lyricism, Wiz needs a good beat and a catchy chorus to make a memorable track, as he was able to do from 2009-2011 and with a few tracks off his 2014 album, Blacc Hollywood. Now, the beats aren’t fun and upbeat, just bland and boring, as are the choruses and his voice on this project.

Wiz’ success early in his career now seems like a distant memory.

Wiz clearly tried to make a pop-rap hit in, ‘Letterman’, and completely failed. Lyrically, this is so mindless it’s ineffable. The chorus honestly is one of the worst of the year. On, ‘City of Steel’, which is nearly seven minutes long, Wiz talks for four straight minutes through the end of the song – mostly just laughing and talking about getting/being high. ‘Global Access’, is a Playboi Carti or Lil Uzi-type beat and, mixed with Wiz’ flow and sound, it’s a dreadful listen.

I honestly have nothing positive to say about Laugh Now, Fly Later. The mixtape is entirely trash and bland, with again not one song worth going back to. These are all throwaway tracks. If you’re not a fan of Wiz, don’t bother taking 40 minutes out of your life to listen to this. If you are a Wiz fan, I still wouldn’t recommend to listen. This is Wiz’ worst project to date, which says a lot considering the majority of his recent pieces of work are significantly below average.


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